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特色卤料 Special Herbal Powder Condiment
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Weight: 30g


1) 先煮沸4公升水(加上纯骨熬煮为佳),再加入一包卤料,4-5粒蒜头,60克盐,300ml普通生抽及黑酱油4汤匙,烹煮30分钟。

Cooking Instruction:

1) Boil either 4 liter of water or stocks (soup made with boiling bones is preferred). Put in 1 Special Herbal Powder Condiment/ Spice pack, 4-5 whole garlic, 60 g grams salt 300 ml of soya sauce and 4 tablespoon thick soya sauce. Boil for 30 minutes.

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