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虾面即煮酱料 Prawn Noodle
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Weight: 200g


1) 将一包虾面即煮酱料放入1600毫升沸水,并以小火慢煮5分钟。

2) 500克黄面及60克豆芽以滚水烫熟,放入6个大碗中。

3) 每碗加上适量的熟肉片和熟虾,熟鸡蛋,炸葱片及青葱。

4) 加入煮滚的虾面汤,趁熟食用。


Cooking Instructions:

1) Mix 1 packet of paste for prawn noodle with 1600ml of boiling water, simmer it over low fire for 5 minutes.

2) Blanch 600g fresh yellow noodles and 60g of bean sprouts, place evenly into 6 big bowl.

3) Garnish noodles with slices of cooked meat, cooked prawn, hard-boiled egg, fried shallot and spring onion.

4) Pour hot boiling soup onto noodles. Serve.


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