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火锅上汤煲 Steamboat Soup Sachet
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Weight: 50g

简单煮法 Easy Cooking Method

1)2包火锅上汤煲 (不必拆开过滤袋)/2 pack steamboat soup sachet (no need to open the filtrate fabric)

2)将3.0公升至4.0公升清水猛火煲至水滚后再加入2煲火锅上汤煲,用慢火熬制20分钟以上 /Boil 3.0 liter to 4.0 liter water, add in 2 pack steamboat soup sachet, and reduce to low heat, cook futher for 20 minutes.

3)加入备用材料,即可上桌 /Add in suggested recipe and ready to serve.

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