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Compohealth Smart Life Multifunction Purple Clay Cooker 3.0L 康宝智能生活紫砂煲3.0L
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  • 紫砂富含微量元素,如:硅、锰、钙、镁、鈉、鉀等
  • 煮食过程能改善食物為弱碱性,对人体有益
  • 紫砂在煮食時能产生远红外线,使烹煮的飯和料理更美味
  • 紫砂富含鉄质, 有助分解脂肪成更小的分子


  • Rich in trace elements, such as silicon, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc.
  • The cooking process can improve the food to be weakly alkaline, which is beneficial to the human body
  • Purple clay can generate far infrared rays when cooking, making the cooked rice and dishes more delicious
  • Purple clay is rich in iron, which helps break down fats into smaller molecules
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