Our Delivery services will be closed on every Sunday, Monday and Public Holiday. We appreciate your patiently waiting.
Return & Refund Policy 退货和退款政策

The returned goods/products will be checked with the receipt together and the goods should be in good condition. The packaging should also be in original condition. If the goods/products has been used or damaged by the customer, there will be no refund. Long Farm will not take the reponsibility if your shipment is lost during the return transit. Once we have checked and confirm the goods/products, customer will receive their refund within 3-5 days after the confirmation.

Please contact us at <<longfarmmarketing@gmail.com>> or Whatsapp <<012-210 9679>> if you have any inquiries or doubts.


退回的货物/产品将与收据一起检查,货物应处于良好状态。 包装也应处于原始状态。 如果商品/产品已被客户使用或损坏,将不予退款。 如果您的货物在回程途中丢失,Long Farm 将不承担任何责任。 一旦我们检查完毕并确认商品/产品后,客户将在确认后 3-5 天内收到退款。

如果您有任何疑问或疑问,请通过 <<longfarmmarketing@gmail.com>> 或 Whatsapp <<012-210 9679>> 联系我们。