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炸肉香料 Exotic Hakka Meat
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Weight: 70g


1) 炸法: 将已腌好材料放入170°c之温油内炸至金黄色及干脆为止。

2) 炆制法: 将炸好的肉块,木耳,大蒜,南乳-4块和洋葱加入上汤中炆煮,至肉块松软为止,即刻取出上碟享用。

Cooking Instruction:

1) Put the marinated materials in heated oil (at 170°c) to fry. Fry until it turns golden yellowish and crispy. Ready to Serve.

2) Or continue cooking with simmering the fried pork with black agarics (fungus), garlic, onion, Fermented Red Bean Curd (“Namyu”)-4 pieces in broth for 1 hour until meat turns tender. Ready to Serve.

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