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干咖喱即煮酱料 Rendang (Meat)
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Weight: 200g


1) 将一包干咖喱即煮酱料2汤匙食油加热及搅拌

2) 加入1.3公斤肉类及缓慢翻炒约5分钟。

3) 加入4毫升清水,以中火煮15分钟加入150毫升椰奶,煮滚。

4) 一旦肉汁开始变稠,加入30克炒椰丝及搅拌3分钟,趁熟食用


Cooking Instructions:

1) Pour 1 packet of Rendang (Meat) and 3 tablespoon of cooking oil. Heat and stir for a while. 
2) Add in 1.3kg chicken/beef/mutton and stir fry slowly for about 5 minutes.

3) Pour 400ml water and cook for 15 minutes over medium fire. Add in 150ml thick coconut oil, bring to boil.

4) Once the gravy starts thickening, add in 30g fried dessicated coconut and stir for 3 minutes. Serve hot.

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